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TEDx Marks the Spot

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March 13, 2019 marked a monumental day as Pepperdine University debuted its first annual TEDx conference. Like many creative pursuits, being a part of the team that launched this conference from the ground-up was life-changing.


The theme, "Take the Leap," soon became a motto that would redefine the paradigms of technology, entertainment, and design. As a junior who had just finished a life-changing year studying abroad in the Washington D.C. internship program, I grew curious of the next projects that would keep the momentum going in Malibu. While it took 4 challenging months of soul-searching, Starbucks and advertising projects, I finally found what I was looking for, and I didn't even realize the impact until after it ended. 

Ideating Across Industries 

One of my very first internship experiences back in high school was working as a venue designer and client specialist for a wedding studio in my hometown. So most of my teenage days were met with the hustle of color theory, mastering all the compositions of taffeta, and memorizing the paint finishes of chiavari chairs. No two days were alike, and I adored living a spontaneous life of venue design. Being the Production Designer for TEDxPepperdine reminded me of my roots and strengthened my industry fluency. Marketing majors understand the excitement and challenge of taking on new projects. We get to brand a story and translate our art into impact. Advertisers get to enjoy a career bolstered by psychology, innovation, visual design, and conversation. With that being said, it was surreal to bring my stage designs to life and innovate with my team. 

A Reminder of Leadership

With a theme like "Take the Leap," it's no surprise that our attendees, speakers, and event coordinators all had something unique and impactful to take home with them that day. Aside from learning how to use a circle blade, I got an endearing reflection of leadership from 10 incredible storytellers, each embodying grit, grace, and wisdom. Leadership is not exclusive to the the smartest or loudest individuals, but it demands the storyteller who can spark an ongoing conversation. Leadership looks less like fame and more like working endless hours into the night. The sacrifices made will be difficult, but the end result will always be worth it. 

A huge thank you to Ryan Groves and Jerry Yang for Taking the Leap bringing this conversation to Pepperdine.

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Honored to be a part of such a phenomena
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