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How it all started...

Poppy Sea'd Portfolio.png

What started out as a brand portfolio and strategy pitch deck became an ongoing passion project where I tested the limits of design and creative writing.


The name Poppy Sea'd came to mind when I reimagined an e-commerce and content platform that inspires avant-garde weddings. 

"The Pitch"



Weddings are a universal celebration of unity, love, and lavish indulgence. But like many things in life, our universally recognized celebration faces the challenge of globalization and shifting norms. Weddings are now becoming less traditional and more avant-garde. Millennials have thousands of options to explore, and endless avenues to adopt. Poppy Sea'd aims to revolutionize the way we celebrate love by providing a one-stop stop for jumpstarting your dream wedding and offering the latest trends in fashion, venues, and entertainment. 

Poppy Sea'd is now a personal narrative and digital glimpse into my design prototypes, writing samples, and career as an Advertising enthusiast. 

Topics of discussion range from global experiences, industry fluency, cultural trends, and classroom ideation. 


Thank you for stopping by!

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